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Since 1988, Starland Metals has been in the business of top quality metal manufacturing and parts fabrication.​  At our plant near Gibbon, MN, we produce a variety of metal parts and accessories for a number of complex commercial applications. Challenging precision work is our specialty. Some of the best precision steel fabricating on the market comes from Starland Metals. Our broad range of ready technology means we're equipped to tackle projects requiring laser-cutting, punching, forming, shearing, cutting, threading, welding, assembly, shipping and freight prep.​


Starland Metals BySprint Fiber 4020 Lase
BySprint Fiber 4020

A 6KW Laser Cutting machine that excels at cutting thin, reflective metals such as aluminium, copper, and brass up to 5mm. Depending on the type of material and sheet thickness, parts output can be increased by up to 400 percent, with the subsequent cost-saving benefits passed onto our customers.

Starland Metals BySprint Extended 4020 L
ByTrans 4020

Starland Metals is equipped with a ByTrans 4020 for faster job processing with automated loading and unloading into our BySprint 4020 Laser Cutter.

Starland Metals BySpeed 4020.jpg
BySpeed 4020

The Byspeed 4020 is a 4-meter by 2-meter laser cutting system. All Bystronic Byspeed lasers are high-speed CO2 laser systems known for high productivity and robust design. This laser system maximizes productivity with a ByTrans 4020 load and unload system and helps keep Starland Metals running at maximum efficiency.

12' 90 Ton Brake Press Starland Metals.j
12' 90 Ton Capacity Cincinnati Press Brake

Higher speeds mean more production. The MAXFORM produces maximum productivity through fast programming, fast setup and fast cycle speeds. Improved part consistency is achieved with the touchscreen computer control that simplifies file management and provides detailed setup information with each saved program. Operators are guided through each step of the bend sequence with 3D part views.

10' 35 Ton Brake Press Starland Metals.j
10' 135 Ton Capacity Cincinnati Press Brake

The AUTOFORM+ is highly versatile. It can handle sheet metal or plate, and can form complex or simple parts with ultimate precision.  An accurate press brake requires a precision leveling system. The AUTOFORM + meets this requirement by having a .00002" resolution glass scale encoder mounted on each side housing. Ram repeatability is verified prior to shipment at maximum forming speed to be within ± 0.0004" (3 Sigma) along the entire length of the press brake.

8' 90 Ton Capacity Cincinnati Press Brak
8' 90 Ton Capacity Cincinnati Press Brake

The AUTOFORM+ is highly versatile. It can handle sheet metal or plate, and can form complex or simple parts with ultimate precision.  An accurate press brake requires a precision leveling system.  The AUTOFORM + meets this requirement by having a .00002" resolution glass scale encoder mounted on each side housing.

Finn Power TP Starland Metals.jpg
Finn Power TP

Starland Metals is equipped with a state-of-the-art Finn-Power automated turret punch press. This CNC Turret Punch features 33 ton punching force and can handle sheets up to 5'W x 12'L.  With a full array of tooling and punches, this speedy and versatile machine can perform all of your punching and stamping procedures.

ABB Robot Welding Cell.jpg
ABB® Robot Welding Cell - 60" ·  250kg

ABB FlexArc robotic welding cells are complete robot systems available in several flexible and versatile standard modular packages. They are delivered ready to weld and provide the manufacturer with a competitive advantage. 

Kuka® Two Robot Weld Cell - 14' · 250kg

Specially for arc welding applications, KUKA offers the modular KUKA flexibleCUBE arc welding cell. This is available pre-assembled and ready for immediate use in a number of standard variants. Equipped with numerous hardware and software options, KUKA flexibleCUBE arc can be optimally adapted to any production volume and to a wide range of welding requirements.

CLOOS® Weld Cell - 15' · 4000lb

CLOOS is a world-class source for heavy-duty, complex welding solutions. Utilizing the latest technologies, including our advanced TANDEM process, we specialize in larger, multi-faceted turnkey solutions that reduce cycle time without compromising quality.

Millermatic 350P.jpg
Millermatic® 350MP

First single- or three-phase power Millermatic® that welds material from 22 gauge to 1/2 in thick in a single pass. Perfect for fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance and repair.

Lincoln 350MP.jpg
Lincoln Power Mig® 350MP

When you need more than just a MIG machine, the POWER MIG® 350MP is a 3 in 1 welder that delivers more welding processes – Excellent stick welding, TIG, MIG and flux-cored with advanced processes such as Power Mode® and Pulse-on-Pulse®.​

Mechanical Shear Starland Metals.jpg
Shear Conveyer Starland Metals.jpg
Marvel Saw Starland Metals.jpg
Cincinnati CNC Shear

Portable machine controls are pedestal mounted for easy, convenient operation. The power-operated backgage with digital control enables accurate setups to be made quickly.  Electronically variable rake and cut length result in fast stroking speeds. Machine cycling is initiated using a convenient footswitch. Quick response-time valves with microprocessor control provide faster processing and higher productivity.

Cincinnati Shear Conveyer / Stacker

Sturdy material supports guide the material over rollers from the shear table, minimizing sheet sag and allowing the material to be firmly positioned against the backgage. They retract quickly when the shear is cycled allowing the sheared blank to fall onto the conveyor belts.  This neatly stacks finished product for easy handling, transport and shipping.

Marvel Bandsaw

Starland Metals Shearing station has a heavy-duty, vertical miter saw for cutting metal and tube.  

Hyd-Tec Band Saw Starland Metals.jpg
CNC Hyd-Mech Saw

The H-22A is fast, with its high speed shuttle feed indexing up to 34″ in a single movement. Its optional 6° degree canted head, recommended when cutting larger beams, structural steel, and bundles of square tubing allows for more efficient cutting and improved blade life.

Starland Metals Motoman Robotic Arm Thre
Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Arm

With the Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Arm,  our pipe threading station achieves fully autonomous production.  This robotic arm pulls material from our pipe cutting station, feeds the BLM pipe expander as well as the TS20DE threading system.

Starland Metals BLM AST35 End
BLM AST35 Hyrdraulic End Forming Machine

The BLM AST35 is fed pipe from our Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Arm.  The pipe ends are expanded in this machine prior to threading.  Once pipe ends are expanded, the robotic arm moves the pipe from the BLM AST35 to the TS20DE Threading System for completion.

Starland Metals TS20DE Threading Machine
TS20DE Threading System

With our Threading Systems LTD UK built TS20DE automated threading system we are able to thread our hog watering pipes with both male and female threads simultaneously for increased production to meet high demand.

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