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Starland Metals has been in the custom metal fabrication business for for over thirty years. We have honed our craft and focused cutting edge new technology that helps us meet the demands of all our customers.  We're confident that our technology and experience give our customers great value for their money. 

Our facility and craftsman utilizes state-of-the-art CNC machines to design parts with the most attention to detail.

Our 75,000 square foot Starland Metals facility offers CNC Laser Cutting, Forming, and Punching, plus many other value added services to help you finish your project on-time and under budget!

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Laser Cutting
  • We can provide free drawings from a sketch you send us.

  • Customers can also provide drawings or DXF.

  • Quick same day quotes.

  • Fast and friendly service.

  • Large touch screen operation.

  • Large sheet size up to 160" X 80"

  • Laser Cutting Capacity Mild Steel 1.000"

  • Laser Cutting Capacity Stainless Steel 0.750"

  • Laser Cutting Capacity Aluminum 0.500"

  • Position Accuracy* +/- 0.004

  • Repeatability* +/- 0.002

  • Maximum workpiece weight 2770 lbs.

Laser Cutting 100000.png
ByStar Fiber 20000*

Starland Metals maximizes productivity and delivers cutting excellence through the utilization of Bystronic's Laser ByStar Fiber, renowned for its exceptional fiber laser cutting capabilities. Boasting an impressive 20 kW power, this cutting-edge machine guarantees top performance, enhanced cutting quality, and an impressive 40% increase in productivity.

Laser Cutting 100000.png
ByStar Fiber 10000

At Starland Metals, we provide top-notch solutions for your custom manufacturing projects using the cutting-edge Bystronic Laser ByStar Fiber. With its powerful 10 kW output, it ensures outstanding performance and enhanced cutting quality for materials like mild steel and stainless steel (4mm to 20mm). Our skilled team guarantees higher productivity, achieving superior outcomes for materials up to 50mm thick.



At Starland Metals, our CNC Forming Station boasts three cutting-edge forming centers: Xpert 80, Xpert 150, and Xpert 250. Equipped with "Smart Controls" and 6-axis linear motor-driven backgage, our state-of-the-art press brakes deliver the precision, strength, and power required for crafting intricate sheet metal parts. Our skilled operators are extensively trained to program and operate this exceptional technology, ensuring consistent and accurate bends and forms for all your sheet metal designs.

Xpert80 Starland Metals.png
Xpert 80 Ton Bystronic Press Brake

Experience the exceptional capabilities of Starland Metals as we utilize the cutting-edge Xpert 80 press brake for our custom manufacturing projects. With an impressive 88 US tons of press capacity and a 5-foot bending length, this compact machine excels in handling small to medium-sized parts. Its fast bending speeds of up to 25 millimeters per second, three times faster than larger brakes, ensure efficient production.

Xpert150 Starland Metals.png
Xpert 150 Ton Bystronic Press Brake

Experience the Xpert 150 Press Brake: The ultimate choice for precise bending. Benefit from high-speed flexibility and consistent quality with dynamic crowning and patented pressure reference. Intelligent assistant functions ensure accuracy with fewer steps. Enjoy adaptable configurations for various applications. BySoft Cell Control Bend interface offers effortless operation and transparent process control. Elevate your productivity and results with this cutting-edge bending solution.

Xpert-250 Starland Final_edited.png
Xpert 250 Ton Bystronic Press Brake

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Starland Metals with our Xpert 250 Press Brake, perfectly suited for extreme bending applications in our custom manufacturing projects. Experience unmatched quality, even with complex processes and varying materials. Enjoy faster and more flexible sheet metal bending, allowing us to process orders with utmost efficiency. With press capacities of up to 2,000 tons and bending lengths of up to 20 meters, we can choose the optimal configuration to meet your specific needs.

Bending Cell Starland Metals.png
Bending Cell

We take pride in offering cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, and we're thrilled to share that our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art Bending Cell. With this advanced automation system, we ensure precise and efficient sheet metal bending for a wide range of applications. Our Bending Cell's robotic arms and material handling systems enable us to achieve consistent quality, higher productivity, and handle intricate bending tasks with ease.

DAVI MCA 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine

Starland Metals relies on DAVI MCA - 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine for exceptional customer results. With top-notch repeatability, productivity, and ease of use, it ensures perfect plate control. Achieve tight diameters and high accuracy with Servo-Tronic©. Our fully CNC-automated processes cater to mass-production, reducing reliance on operators. Customization options available. Industry 4.0 ready control enables maximum automation. Our operators ensure outstanding support for customer projects.



Our CNC Punching station features a Finn-Power TP CNC Turret Punch features 33 ton punching force and can handle sheets up to 5'W x 12'L. 

Finn Power TP Starland Metals.jpg
Finn Power TP

Starland Metals is equipped with a state-of-the-art Finn-Power automated turret punch press. This CNC Turret Punch features 33 ton punching force and can handle sheets up to 5'W x 12'L.  With a full array of tooling and punches, this speedy and versatile machine can perform all of your punching and stamping procedures.


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