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In 2007 we were looking to update our welding supply cabinet and after checking with all our suppliers we couldn’t find a large medium duty supply cabinet, so we decided to make our own and after a few prototypes we had one we liked


As we worked on the designed  we decided to build one with G90 Galv. to save on paint and still have a long lasting product and still look great

We also wanted each shelf to support 300 to 400 # each so we came up with a strong double offset corner frame which is the top feature on our cabinets

The other feature the we get a lot of nice compliments on is the slam latches on our doors, easy to get in with your hands full and latch shut went closing so much easier than all the 3 point latches on the market.


All of our doors were redesigned in 2016 with an inside riveted stiffener channels to completely remove any flexing. We offer custom designs with a minimum of 10 or more units,  just visit our sales guys to discuss your needs or complete the form at the bottom of this page.


In 2018 we introduced a type 430 stainless steel cabinet in double door and single door great for outside or wash down situation.

We look forward to working with you on your next project and we thank you for taking time to look at our product line.


Powder coated finishes are also available on request.


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