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Because we are in the business of custom fabrication, we must employ on-site shearing and sawing capability. In the steel industry, this technology is growing, and Starland is keeping up.

Our Cincinnati CNC Shearing Center, can accommodate 1/4-inch mild steel and features multi-axis gauging, with a 120-inch front gage and 48-inch back gage. Another feature is a conveyor/stacker system for automatic stacking of sheared parts.

Our high-precision Marvel bandsaw and our revolutionary CNC Hyd-Mech saw with automatic load system are especially useful in the making of pipe and tubing related parts, providing consistent lengths of pipe.

Mechanical Shear Starland Metals.jpg
Shear Conveyer Starland Metals.jpg
Cincinnati CNC Shear

Portable machine controls are pedestal mounted for easy, convenient operation. The power-operated backgage with digital control enables accurate setups to be made quickly.  Electronically variable rake and cut length result in fast stroking speeds. Machine cycling is initiated using a convenient footswitch. Quick response-time valves with microprocessor control provide faster processing and higher productivity.

Cincinnati Shear Conveyer / Stacker

Sturdy material supports guide the material over rollers from the shear table, minimizing sheet sag and allowing the material to be firmly positioned against the backgage. They retract quickly when the shear is cycled allowing the sheared blank to fall onto the conveyor belts.  This neatly stacks finished product for easy handling, transport and shipping.

Marvel Saw Starland Metals.jpg
Marvel Bandsaw

Starland Metals Shearing station has a heavy-duty, vertical miter saw for cutting metal and tube.  


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