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Starland Metals has been in the pipe and tube business for a long time, and we just got better at it with the addition of new technology. Because we make a number of parts with applications in the agriculture industry, many of our customers also need water pipe and drinker parts and accessories as well. 


To meet this demand, we stock and fabricate a large number of pipe and tube parts, from run-of-the-mill water pipe connections to more elaborate drinker setups. We cut and thread male and female parts, with precision threading and forming.

Our unique custom-built CNC pipe-threading center helps us produce threaded pipe faster and more efficiently. Designed and manufactured by one of Europe's leading fabricators, this new machine can make both male and female threads, and threads both ends of the pipe simultaneously, for added efficiency.

Threading Forming Station Starland Metal
Starland Metals Motoman Robotic Arm Thre
Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Arm

With the Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Arm,  our pipe threading station achieves fully autonomous production.  This robotic arm pulls material from our pipe cutting station, feeds the BLM pipe expander as well as the TS20DE threading system.

Starland Metals BLM AST35 End
BLM AST35 Hyrdraulic End Forming Machine

The BLM AST35 is fed pipe from our Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Arm.  The pipe ends are expanded in this machine prior to threading.  Once pipe ends are expanded, the robotic arm moves the pipe from the BLM AST35 to the TS20DE Threading System for completion.

Starland Metals TS20DE Threading Machine
TS20DE Threading System

With our Threading Systems LTD UK built TS20DE automated threading system we are able to thread our hog watering pipes with both male and female threads simultaneously for increased production to meet high demand.

In Stock Pipe-1.jpg
Threaded Hog Drinker Pipes - In Stock!

Starland Metals sells pipe used for Hog Watering Systems.  Our pipes are MPT X FPT Straight Pipes and are built right here in our factory!  If you are interested in purchasing our threaded pipes, please click here to contact us.


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